Through our affiliate Grossberg/MP&S Valuations LLC, we deliver valuation and cost segregation services to clients on time and on budget.  We offer a group of professionals who possess the skills and training required to survive in the ever-changing world of new laws, regulations, advanced technologies and developing case law regarding appropriate criteria to consider when performing valuation services.  We take pride in having a reputation built on hard work dedication to excellence and timely responsiveness to clients.
Cost Segregation Studies
Over the past three decades, the tax benefits of operating rel estate have eroded due to changes in the laws reducing depreciation deductions.  A powerful tax planning tool for real estate entrepreneurs is the use of cost segregation studies.  Grossberg/MP&S Valuations LLC helps our clients realize the tax advantages available to them, even when the tax year are close by the statute of limitations.
The IRS has established very restrictive standards for allowing the allocation of costs among the components of a building and has stated that such allocations should be performed by cost segregations specialists.  A cost segregation study performed by Grossberg/MP&S Valuations LLC provides the necessary support to sustain an IRS examination.
Valuation Services
With a group of professionals comprised of Valuation Consultants, Degreed Engineers and Designated Appraisers with advanced degrees in business, accounting and finance, Grossberg/MP&S Valuations LLC provides state of the art valuation services to our clients.  Our recommendations and value conclusions provide the information required for completion of transactions supporting tax, financial and management reporting requirements.
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