Since the company’s formation in 1924, the people of Grossberg Company LLP have worked hard to nurture an identity as one of the leading providers of accounting, tax and consulting services to businesses and individuals alike. 

Attaining that goal on every engagement is difficult.  It requires that we be a firm of dedicated professionals, committed to delivering services to clients on time and on budget.  Professionals who possess the skills and training required to survive in the ever-changing world of new laws and regulations, advanced technologies and strategic business planning.

Grossberg Company LLP has such a reputation, one built on decades of hard work and timely responsiveness to clients.  It is one that we are proud of.  Nevertheless, we are not comfortable resting on our past performance.  We recognize how quickly our reputation can be tarnished if we allow the quality of our service to slip, even slightly.  That’s why we devote a substantial amount of firm resources to training our people, keeping them apprised of the latest developments that may affect our client’s business operations, their tax planning strategies or their long-term personal goals.  After all, the true measure of any service organization is the competency of its people.

Here’s how we support your continued growth:


When you join Grossberg Company LLP, you’ll have the benefit and experience of those that came before you. Our goal is to provide guidance, support, and understanding by sharing experience, knowledge, and wisdom to help our staff realize their full potential.


There are many ways we deliver training to our staff: classroom, self-paced instruction, computer based, web-enabled, working side-by-side with senior professionals and more. Your training regimen will encompass them all.


Too often, companies train their staff on technical skills, but ignore the soft skills that are so important to success.  The nature of our firm and the flat organizational structure help you with the soft skills–communication, leadership, team work, problem solving, that will not only help advance your career, but can also offer personal growth. We want to help you succeed and evolve into the future leaders of our firm.

This is who we are.  This is why you need to know us.