Grossberg Company LLP has consistently gone far beyond basic tax compliance services for businesses and high-net worth individuals. We provide creative, value-added transactional structuring and tax planning designed to achieve your business goals in the most tax efficient manner.
Taxes often have a material impact on the bottom line of every business and personal financial decision you make. We maintain a high level of technical knowledge and proficiency in federal, state and local taxation matters through extensive training and constant monitoring of new and proposed legislative, regulatory and judicial developments affecting you and your business.

Tax Compliance Services

For high net worth individuals, partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations, trusts, estates, retirement plans, and not-for-profit entities, we offer federal, state, and local tax return preparation as well as other tax compliance services. Our objective is to deliver creative ideas and practical solutions to reduce or defer the payment of income taxes. Our focus on service, dedication to accuracy and active client communication provides the foundation for our success.

Tax Advisory Services

At Grossberg Company LLP we view the complexity of a situation as an opportunity. The very laws designed to generate tax revenues offer a plethora of planning techniques for clients seeking to minimize their tax liabilities.

Today’s dynamic business environment requires sound tax planning and structuring alternatives to meet business goals and objectives. Our professionals have the creativity, experience, diligence and knowledge to guide you through the maze of tax planning alternatives and concepts. We pride ourselves on how this service creates value for you and your business.