The culture at Grossberg Company LLP is defined by our people and their loyalty to both the firm and our clients.  Many of our professional staff have been with us for well over a decade.   They offer our clients their knowledge, experience, technical and business proficiency, and a true dedication to service.  This commitment and dedication result in their making a significant contribution to the personal and professional success of our clients.  Further, this level of continuity brings to our clients institutional knowledge, trust and efficiency not found in many other professional firms.

Diverse, Challenging Assignments

Each client project is a learning experience that invigorates, expands, challenges and hones the knowledge and skills of our staff.  Over time this wide exposure allows staff to polish their skills and develop a functional expertise.

A Stimulating, Intimate Environment

Grossberg Company LLP offers a close-knit, friendly setting where staff works closely together at all levels.  Our flat organizational structure invites input from staff at every level and promotes intimate learning opportunities. The diversity of staff backgrounds, training and professional experiences provides opportunities for rigorous learning and ongoing development in the areas of audit, accounting and tax.

A Time and Place for Fun

At Grossberg Company LLP we pride ourselves on fostering an environment of collegiality and camaraderie.  To that end, we socialize and relax together in many ways, from shared conversation on current events in our lunch room to sponsored parties throughout the year and ongoing volunteer social activities.

We are distinguished by:

  • More than 85 years of experience, innovation and commitment to providing stellar service to generations of clients
  • Leading the industry in untangling today’s complex web of business transactional issue and income tax laws
  • Highly skilled, service-oriented professionals dedicated to providing innovative solutions to our clients’ business probllis
  • Commitment to training our professionals and enabling thli to continuously improve their technical knowledge and skills
  • Delivering services to clients on time and on budget with integrity and objectivity
  • Operating in an essentially paper-free environment