Trust Administration

We provide a full array of trust-related services including aid in establishing the correct trust vehicle, tax planning, trust accounting and tax preparation.

Estate Administation Support

Appraisal of Closely Held Businesses
We are often called upon to determine the value of closely held businesses.  This work can be done in conjunction with the preparation of the estate tax returns or the development of an estate plan.  Because of our expertise, not only in accepted business valuation methodology, but also in business taxation, financial analysis, forecasting and auditing, we possess the skills needed to analyze a business from the vantage point of these different disciplines to enhance our valuation procedures.

Estate Inventory and Court Accounting
The proper and timely preparation of the estate inventory lays the foundation for the administration of the estate.  Discovering assets and the true nature and extent of liabilities is an important service we can provide to executors or personal representatives.  The accounting for the transactions of an estate is the basis of the administrative procedure.  Under the supervision of an attorney, we assist in the preparation of the court accounting often required of an estate.

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